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TOP 10 of the most frequently asked questions

  • The aim of our general DTP specifications is to help you optimise your graphic file preparation. Before sending us your files, please ensure that the specifications are met. If the specifications are not met, the file(s) will not be sent for production (which could lead to delivery delays).   Directly access our templates / fact sheets:     Common specifications ...

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  • Feel free to contact us by email : CLICK HERE

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  • This authorisation must be completed, signed and returned to us. It is necessary to start manufacturing your sound recordings subject to international copyright protection and to national intellectual property legislation in the respective countries where the recording has been produced.

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  • The terms of delivery vary according to the type of service required. Deliveries will be made by a carrier and not through the postal service. We will keep you informed by mail during the shipping of your order; delivery will then be made within 48/72H. You must be present in person to receive the package, which will require a signature against delivery. Deliveries are between 8am and 6pm, ...

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  • If absent at the time of delivery, you will be given an attempted delivery note. This will inform you of the carrier's passage and will set a new time for delivery the following working day. In case of missing or incorrect information (street name, door code, floor…) you will be notified by email, which you can access from your customer space.

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  • Accordion fold: A process using successive folds.   Acrylic varnish sticker: A self-adhesive paper covered with a thin layer of glossy varnish. It will not work as well as a vinyl sticker when used outside.   Assembling: All the operations leading to the finished product: folding, gluing, slot punch binding, packaging, gathering, manually inserting, saddle stitching, perforation, ...

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  • Depending on the type of product ordered and the quantity, we use different carriers, chosen for their reliability and ability to meet delivery deadlines.  

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  • On receipt of your graphic elements, we will take the most appropriate measures to process your documents according to type of service required.   You will then receive an email informing you that your order is ready for printing.   A new email will then tell you when your order is ready for shipping; the deadline will vary according to the degree of urgency specified ...

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  • Cardboard wallet: It is made up of 2 faces (front and back). The CD or DVD holder is then inserted in a slot. Cellophane film: A thin layer of plastic film covering the case. Cromalin: Proof used as a final proof (used particularly to check the colours). Digifile: Like the Digisleeve, the Digifile is made entirely of cardboard. The inner and outer surfaces are completely printable (except ...

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  • In case of damage to the delivered goods during transport, we invite you to express your reservations to the carrier but also to refuse the package(s). You should also forward your complaint to us by e-mail at the earliest opportunity. See all the conditions relating to delivery HERE

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CD/DVD Replication Info

  • How do I send my Master for CD/DVD replication?
  • You should send us your CD or DVD master by post to this address:


    Conflikt Arts

    34 Place des Lices

    35000 Rennes


    Please clearly indicate your order no. (specified in the order summary email sent to you as soon as your order is confirmed). Your master will be replicated as an identical copy, exactly reproducing the break times and sound levels in the original. The length or the number of titles included will not affect the cost of your order.


    The maximum duration of the audio recording on the CD is 79:30 mins.

    It is nevertheless possible to go beyond that but there is a risk that your medium may not be readable on all turntables; the maximum duration is 83:10 mins.


    An "Enhanced CD" or "CD extra" (containing audio and video data) will be replicated without additional cost or processing charges. It has the same capacity as a classical CD.


    A CD rom can contain up to 700 Mb of data.


    The DVD 5 contains 4.7 Gb of data (Single face, single layer, lasting 130 minutes). DVD 9 media can store data up to 8.5 Gb (Single face, double layer, lasting 240 minutes).


    We also accept DDPI files (disk image) sent by your mastering studio.

    No verification of this type of file will be carried out.


    Please contact our customer service for any further information,

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